Crown Northampton collaborate with innovative British goat leather brand

Heritage shoemakers, Crown Northampton, team up with a local sustainable goat tannery to produce an innovative sneaker range.

Billy Tannery x Crown Northampton

Make it British member, Crown Northampton, is a proud Northampton company that understands the rich and important shoemaking heritage of its town. Crown is the flagship brand of the Woodford family business that has been hand making quality boots and shoes since 1908. Five generations on, the company remains in Woodford family ownership and is still producing quality handmade footwear.

All their collections feature traditional British footwear designs across shoes, boots and sneakers. To ensure the highest standards of production are met, they use the finest quality leathers, selected from trusted Northamptonshire leather merchants.

Billy Tannery x Crown Northampton

Although a heritage brand, Crown’s success lies in its ability to look to the future and adapt to the changing market. Now, they have collaborated with an innovative British goat leather brand – Billy Tannery, to produce a limited edition goat leather sneaker. Billy Tannery takes a modern, sustainable approach to their business. It’s the first leather brand of its kind in Britain, with a vertically integrated supply chain from hide to final product. Their goal is to put an end to the waste of British goat hides. Skins are sourced from suppliers with high welfare standards and can be traced back to the farm of origin. They also use an environmentally friendly tanning techniques of centuries-old bark tanning alongside modern leather technology.

This unique collaboration celebrates both the heritage and future of Northampton, a town with a rich history in leather and shoemaking. The sneaker is handmade-to-order in Crown’s factory less than 25 miles from where Billy Tannery produce their sustainable vegetable tanned goat leather.

Billy Tannery x Crown Northampton

Take a closer look at the sneakers here.

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  1. Glad to find your wonderful organization. British made products are unsurpassed in quality. I only buy shoes and briefcases made in England. And try to find clothing and gift items as well as grocery items made there as well. It’s a s=me that companies with a British heritage now make products and Italy turkey and China. We most support the companies who are still producing in the UK

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