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Made in Britain news this week: 30th Jan 2012

British manufacturing from the web this week: English shoes | Hanna Hats | Skills shortage

Cheaney English Shoes

Cheaney English Shoes

Manufacturers deserve their fair share of skills funding (Telegraph)

The Queen’s cabinet maker has bemoaned the fact that more traditional manufacturing, such as furniture making, is not getting the funding it needs to help its skills shortage – “Traditional manufacturing isn’t sexy; the Government is only interested in things with wheels on; trains, planes and automobiles.”
A few months ago the launch of Mark Prisk’s Make it in Great Britain campaign also highlighted to us the fact that engineering was more of a focus for the government’s upcoming exhibition than fashion and textiles were.

Buy good English shoes (Permanent Style)

Simon Crompton puts over a sound case for why buying British made footwear is a good investment. For further information on which brands still make their shoes here, check out the article that we published a while back entitled English Shoes: Ten brands that are still made in the UK – it certainly caused a lot of debate as to which brands were genuinely 100% British.

John Joseph Hanna of Hanna Hats (M&I)

Manufacture & Industry have a short piece on the Irish manufacturer Hanna Hats, who’s owner John comes up with the following quote about why great craftsmanship will win through: “the passion will be seen in the finished product. There is a market there for it. I think it can be re-established, and employment can go on the up-scale, if we can instill that in the minds of people again.”

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