Buy British Day launched

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House of Commons plays host to announcement of first ever Buy British Day

Buy British Day

Buy British Day was launched at the House of Commons

Yesterday our friends at Best of Britannia officially launched ‘Buy British Day’, which will take place on Friday 3rd October 2014.

The launch of the event took place at the House of Commons, and was supported by some of Britain’s top manufacturers, including Brompton Bicycles, Mathmos lighting and Walsh footwear, and was hosted by Wayne Hemmingway MBE.

The aim of Buy British Day will be to encourage consumers to buy more British-made products, which is something we will wholeheartedly support here at Make it British, and hope that you will too.

So, mark 3rd October 2014 in your diary, and look out for more companies and retailers that will be supporting Buy British Day nearer the date.

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  1. […] are really excited to hear about the first Buy British Day next Friday (3rd October). The day was officially launched by Best of Britannia – a Pop-Up […]

  2. […] And, for all those folks reading this in the UK, tomorrow, Friday 3rd October is ‘Buy British Day‘. […]

  3. I’ve just found out about this so am offering a 10% discount on any orders made today from my Daisy Frames business. I hand make gifts for new babies and children –

  4. One of the stranger groups to get public funding in the past – Ethical Fashion Forum – has offered to re write their “made in Britain” page. I don’t know if the person who offers has real-life access to the web site to change it, and who else in the organisation makes decisions, but it’s a start!

    This is the current Made in Britain page with responses point-by-point:

    I hope to get a better version written, starting with “made in…” for buying local products in any part of the world, and then “…in Britain” for stuff about buying from democratic welfare states, so it could apply to lots of well-developed countries if only I knew more about them. European countries are a good start for democratic welfare states but that is about as much as I know!

    Any feedback welcome to me and possibly to Ethical Fashion Forum
    John Robertson

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