fbpx Liven up your holiday luggage with Caseskinz from L&S Prints

As holiday season begins we chat to L&S Prints about Caseskinz

We interview Jayne Seaton at L&S Prints about personalising your luggage with their new Caseskinz

Caseskinz cases

Printed Caseskinz covers come in a variety of different prints

The schools have broken up and the British weather is as unpredictable as ever, this can only mean one thing….holiday season is upon us. As the airports prepare for the busiest time of the year, people are planning their all important holiday wardrobe. However, what you pack is not all that counts anymore, it is also what you pack it in. Everyone wants luggage as stylish as their airport outfit as well as a case that will stand out from the crowd. How many times have you stood staring at a carousel waiting for your black suitcase? Among 86 other black suitcases? L&S Prints have come up with the perfect, fun and cost effective solution, their Caseskinz. Caseskinz are stretch polyester fabric covers that can be printed with a number of fun designs, or personalised with text or pictures. They fit snugly to your case and help protect it from scratches or dirt.

L&S Prints are  a family run business and have been dye sublimation printing for prestigious clients for over 33 years. They produce a range of products in Yorkshire including custom printed fabrics, cushions, bar runners and now, their new Caseskinz. We chat to Jayne Seaton about the Caseskinz that are making their debut to luggage everywhere this summer.


Caseskinz can be personalised by adding your details to one of L&S Prints existing designs

Who in your team is responsible for coming up with new ideas like the Caseskinz and where do they get the inspiration and market information to cover gaps in the market like this?

The director of L&S Prints digital Ltd is responsible for coming up with the ideas for our all of our new products (he doesn’t sleep at night!). The caseskinz did take a lot of planning  time & many prototypes were created until we were 100% confident that this product was retail ready.

Which of the Caseskinz has proved to be the best seller?

Although the Caseskinz have only being on sale for a few weeks they are already proving very popular with customers who want to funk up their suitcases & make them unique to themselves and easy to spot when going around the carousel! The most popular design so far seems to be the Elvis caseskinz closely followed by Northern Soul & the personalised London underground design, we also have lots more designs in the pipeline!


Already proving popular are the Northern Soul and the personlaised Tube Stop Caseskinz

Which is the most obscure design you have been asked for on a Caseskinz?

We have recently had a large stag party order the Caseskinz with the grooms face printed behind bars which we thought  looked quite cool, the Caseskinz are getting increasingly popular for hen and stag parties.

Have you noticed an increase in demand for personalised products in the last few years and if so what do you think drives this?

There has certainly being an increase in the demand for personalised products over the last few years.  We have always offered the personalised option on all of our products as we feel that many customers love unique items that are made personal to them and are also fantastic as a very personal gift for somebody special.

The best-selling Elvis luggage cover from Caseskinz

Do you offer one-off Caseskinz using pictures/designs that people send in?

We do offer the personalised option for the Caseskinz so that customers can have their very own images on the product. We are currently working with a UK company called Your Personalised Gift Shop, and we print personalised products for them including football shirt shaped cushions, banners, car headrest covers and bar runners. We are now looking at printing football club Caseskinz for them, these should go down very well with the football fans.

Can you let us in on any new ideas that might be in the future for L&S Prints?

New things that we are currently looking at are adding templates to our online shop of our best selling products including the fabrics and bar runners so that customers can upload their own designs to the templates and see what the product will look like before actually placing an order.

You can find out more about L&S Prints and buy Caseskinz at www.lsprints.co.uk 


Hens’ and Stags’ love to distinguish their party with Caseskinz

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