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The week just gone saw the launch of our first ever ‘Ask Kate’ Q&A Live on Facebook. Don’t worry if you missed it as every week we’ll be publishing it here. This week we’re covering Made in Britain labelling, shirt making and British-made babywear

‘Ask Kate’ is your chance to pick the brains of Make it British founder Kate Hills on anything to do with buying British or UK manufacturing.

We’ve been gathering together questions that you’ve been asking either via this website (see chat box in bottom right hand corner) or to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Topics for our first Q&A included Made in Britain labelling, shirt manufacturing, and where to buy British-made babywear. We also announced a special new feature that we are adding to our upcoming Meet the Manufacturer event.

Click on the video above to see a recording of the Q&A or read the full transcript here:

Made in Britain labelling

The first question we’ve been asked a lot this week from several different people is about what justifies calling a product Made in Britain?

In the first example I had a lady contact me and she makes coats in the Far East and is adding on fur collars in the UK. She wanted to know whether by adding the fur collars in the UK she could label the coats as made in Britain.

There was someone else that enquired, who was buying accessories that were being made overseas, hats, bags, scarves etc, and then she was putting some finishing touches on them in the UK, polishing up the bags here, packing them here, and then sending them to her customers.She wanted to know whether she could label her accessories as Made in Britain as well.

And finally, we had a chap called Graham contact us who manufactures guitars. He buys some parts for the guitars overseas, and some of the parts he makes here himself. He assembles all those parts into guitars here in Britain. He want to know if he could say that his guitars were Made in Britain.

Let’s start by taking the first two examples.

The rule that I usually use is the one set by The Trading Descriptions Act of 1968. The act covers country of origin labelling. It says the country of origin is determined by the place in which the last substantial change to the product took place.

The question to ask yourself is ‘has the product changed its end use in that country?’. If that is the country in which it changed its end use then that is the place where you would say it was made.

So in the example with the coats – the coat was made in China, it was then imported into the UK as a coat and it had a fur collar applied to it here; so it’s gone from being a coat to a coat with a fur collar. Some value has been added by putting the fur collar on, but technically it’s still a coat and it still has the same end use. So in that instance I don’t think you can call the product Made in Britain, you would have to call that product Made in China.

In the instance with the accessories, that is slightly different because she’s finishing them here. She is adding some details here like the coat lady, but she’s also packing them and labelling them here, does that constitute calling it Made in Britain? No, it can’t either, because those accessories are still the same product, the bag was a bag, became a bag in China and over here it became a decorated bag so in that instance you couldn’t call the product Made in Britain.

In the third example with our chap Graham with his guitars, he’s buying some of the parts from China, he could even be buying all the parts in China, he’s putting them all together here and he’s making his guitars. So in that instance the parts that he’s buying from China you couldn’t play a tune on, the guitar here you can, it’s a different end use and in that instance yes he can call his guitars Made in Britain.

I’d like to give the made in Britain guitars a shout out too – the business is called Fibonacci Guitars, so if you are looking for guitars made in Britain head over to Fibonacci Guitars and find them there.

Shirt Manufacturing in the UK

I’ve had quite a few enquiries this week about shirt making – one of which was quite specific – “Can you get a shirt made in Britain for under £15?”.

In order to answer this question I got in touch with some UK shirt manufacturers that I know to see what they had to say.

I knew the lovely chaps at Tower Garments in North London make casual shirts for several well-known brands, so I asked them what the cost price is for making a shirt.

Now this is a bit of a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question. The reason for that is obviously it can vary from shirt to shirt; is it a casual shirt? is it a formal shirt? what details are there on the shirt? does it have checks on it that the manufacturer has to match up? how many are you ordering?

How many you are ordering is probably one of the biggest questions that a manufacturer might ask and might base the price on. If you’re only buying a small amount and that’s running through the factory it doesn’t really give the machinist a chance to sort of get in their flow, but if they’re making several hundred it’s much more efficient for the factory to produce and they will give you a much better price.

Many factories in the UK will only give you a CMT price. Within the garment textile industry CMT stands for Cut Make and Trim – which means the factory will only cut and make the garment for you – you would have to source the fabric and the trimmings yourself. The factory told me that a CMT price would be in the region of £18 to £30 for a shirt to be manufactured.

Now that obviously doesn’t fit into this chap’s under £15 price, especially when you take into account that making a shirt can take between 1.5 and 1.75m of fabric depending on the width of the cloth and whether there are any checks or patterns to match up.

However, what I always say is that you have to factor in the true cost of making a shirt overseas, because you can’t really compare like for like until you’ve factored in your shipping costs, your duty costs, any communication issues that you might have with the factory, AND the fact that you’re not seeing the product until it turns up on your doorstep. At which point, if you’ve made 500 shirts (at least, if you are making them overseas) and when that product turns up it’s not as you expected, then it you could have wasted your money.

The good thing is that if you are making a product in a factory in the UK you can go and visit them and see the product as it goes through – that is one of the best advantages of making here. Money doesn’t buy that convenience, and the guarantee that you’ll get a good quality product.

Where can I buy babywear made in Britain?

The next thing I wanted to cover was a question about buying British made products.

In our Facebook Buy British community we’ve had lots of people asking where they can find certain products that are made in Britain. One of the hot topics this week is about babywear – Is there any babywear made in the UK?

So we put a little callout on our Instagram page, and asked people to recommend babywear that is made in Britain.

We then compiled the results into a Top 20 list of the best British babywear brands. There are some fantastic companies on there so do take a look.

Exciting new feature at our Meet the Manufacturer trade show

Finally I said I would have a little something to say to you at the end about a special feature that we’re introducing at our Meet the Manufacturer trade show.

This would be relevant to you if you’re a business that is manufacturing in the UK or wants to make in the UK.

Our trade show, which I set up three years ago, is a business-to-business event. For the first three years it’s been about helping people to find UK manufacturers to make their products. This year we’re adding an extra hall at the show because we’ve had so many people that visit saying “I not only want to develop products made in the UK, I’d actually like to buy from some of these brands that are making in Britain too”.

So we’ve listened to your feedback and we are inviting a select amount of British-made brands to join us in this exciting new Make it British brand hall at Meet the Manufacturer this year on the 24th and 25th of May.

If you are a business would like to join us at our event please do get in touch, or fill out the form to apply to exhibit on the Meet the Manufacturer website.

Thank you for listening to our first ‘Ask Kate, Live Q&A’.

Please do share this with anyone that you think will find it useful. And if you have a question about buying British or UK manufacturing the please do send it to us either via the live chat on this website, via one of our social media channels, or by good old fashioned email using the contact form on this site.

And don’t forget to tune in to our live Q&A every Thursday at 1pm on our Facebook page.

Closing Date 16th February 2017

Your chance to WIN this gorgeous solid sterling silver bangle from artist jewellers Magnus & Bella.

This elegant bangle was cast from a real oak twig.

Magnus & Bella are Artist Jewellers and Designer Makers, trained in traditional craft skills but with a talent for contemporary design and materials. They specialise in the beautiful, the bespoke and the unusual. Their creations are collectors items all over the world and every piece tells a story.

Magnus & Bella are based in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. As well as making all their own work Magnus & Bella support local artisan craftspeople, keeping alive the traditional making skills that gave this small district it’s world renown.

The bangle makes a perfect gift, or something you can keep forever.

Magnus & Bella are offering our readers the chance of winning one of these beautiful and unique bangles. The bangle is made from solid sterling silver and was cast from a real oak twig found on a walk in an English park. The bangle retails at £120.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

Who do Magnus & Bella support in order to keep alive traditional hand and bench skills?

  • Closing date: 16th February 2017– Entries received after the closing date will not be included in the prize draw.

    *Competition is only open to UK residents. See our terms and conditions for full details.

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Closing Date 12th January 2017

Your chance to WIN the gorgeous Loxley scarf from Wallace Sewell.


The Loxley Scarf by Wallace Sewell is made form silk and cashmere.

Wallace Sewell is a highly individual woven textile design studio established in 1990 by Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell, creating innovative woven fabrics exploiting industrial techniques. They work closely with the textile industry in Great Britain to produce pieces ranging from scarves to furnishing products, which sell worldwide.

Emma and Harriet have a studio in London where they design by hand, weaving samples on their Looms. They source all of their yarns from UK companies even dying some specific colours. Once they have their final designs they write up the specifications and instruct the Mill. Wallace Sewell has a devotion to quality and they are very proud to be manufacturing their products exclusively in the UK. They have worked very closely with Mitchell Interflex (Mill) over the past 12 years and W.T.Johnson and sons (finishers) on and off for nearly 20 years. Both Mitchell Interflex and W.T.Johnson have a rich history passed down through generations.

Wallace Sewell have kindly offered one of our readers the chance to WIN the beautiful Loxley scarf which is made from silk and cashmere in beautiful colours which will compliment any wardrobe, male or female.

To be in with a chance of winning just answer this simple question:

In what year did Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell establish Wallace Sewell?

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Closing date 12th January 2017

Your chance to WIN your very own satchel from The Leather Satchel Company


You could be in with a chance of winning a classic satchel from The Leather Satchel

The lovely people at The Leather Satchel Company are offering one of our readers the chance to WIN one of their classic brown leather satchels in our latest competition.

Master Craftsman Keith Hanshaw recently took part in one of our Meet the Maker interviews and talked to us about the family business which was established in Liverpool in 1966. The Leather Satchel Company use heavy equestrian styled leather and classic raw edge leather-work to make their instantly recognisable bags. Their satchels are handcrafted in the U.K. by artisan leather-workers and are as beautiful as they are practical.

To be in with a chance of winning your very own satchel in a classic brown leather, just answer this simple question:

In which city was The Leather Satchel Company established?

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Your chance to WIN the Classic Tweed Outershirt plus all the accessories you need for winter from premium outwear brand Mountain White Co.



Mountain White Co. are offering one of our lucky readers the chance to WIN a complete set of winter accessories, including their Classic Tweed Outershirt,  perfect for a cold January at home or a winter holiday abroad.

Mountain White Co. is a fast growing designer and manufacturer of premium outerwear garments and accessories in the UK. Their range is inspired by adventure and based on their love for hard wearing long lasting products. They work with some of the UK’s most famous fabric manufacturers including Harris Tweed and Ventile to produce products perfect for all kinds of adventure from the everyday to the extreme.

Mountain White Co. have put together this fabulous prize which consists of  a pair of mountain socks made from British wool, a pair of alpaca socks which are fabulously soft and comfy, a merino wool beanie hat in navy blue and an original moleskin travel journal. All of this together with their Classic Tweed Outershirt, made from Genuine 100% Classic Harris Tweed outer, fully lined with 100% cotton, breathable, weatherproof, warm and hardwearing. This amazing prize has a total value of over £450 but could be yours if you answer this simple questions:

Which Tweed manufacturers do Mountain White Co. work with?

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Your chance to win a handmade KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 luxury iPhone case  featuring a precious art of blue butterfly wing marquetry.


KHAMAMA is offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win a handmade KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 luxury iPhone case (for either iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus/7/7Plus). This iPhone case features a precious art of blue butterfly wing marquetry, called “Haute Art de Papillon” on its backside. The marquetry of this artefact uses magnificent, iridescent blue butterfly wings, both sustainably and ethically sourced from South America.

KHAMAMA is a new green luxury accessories brand currently offering iPhone cases and launching a first collection of clutches in February 2017. Their designs are  handmade in Cheshire, England.

Depending on the perspective, the Haute Art de Papillon of this iPhone case shimmers from deep-water hue to sparkling electric blue. Due to the natural variation of this material, each KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 is unique. The black frame for this iPhone case is crafted out of solid blocks of aviation-grade aluminium and the Haute Art de Papillon on the backside is protected by a strong ultra-light glass cover.

To be in with a chance of winning a unique KHAMAMA Blue 1874 iPhone cases, all you need to do is answer this simple question:

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We interview Keith Hanshaw, Managing Director and Master Craftsman at The Leather Satchel Co.

Keith Hanshaw Leather Satchel Co

Keith Hanshaw, Master Craftman at work.

Hi Keith, can you introduce us to The Leather Satchel Company?

We are a UK maker of leather goods who specialise in heavy-hide raw-edge leatherwork, focusing on satchels, bags and other small leather goods.

Our family established the business in Liverpool in 1966 when there was a good market for satchels, during the 1990’s we where the last remaining satchel maker in the UK.

Do you only make for your own brand or do you supply to other brands too?

We primarily make satchels and bags for ourselves, but we do also make for private labels. Most of our private label work is for products that aren’t actually satchels and bags but use the same kind of leather-working skills, such as dog harnesses, collars, belts and various carry items.

The classic Leather Satchel

The classic Leather Satchel

You often use equestrian leather for your bags, why do you choose this particular type of leather and where is it sourced from?

In the past, when we generally used local tanneries, we always worked with natural leathers that we’d then dye and finish ourselves. This leather was thick and heavy and was used for saddles, belts and of course satchels amongst other things.

In the 60’s and 70’s every town had it’s own leather workshop that worked with leathers produced in local tanneries from cow’s reared on local farms or dairies. Those workshops have all but now disappeared, you can count them on your fingers. That localisation meant you had restricted access to different types of leather, so you worked with what you had available, and therefore your skills were developed and honed towards working the leathers available… today we still prefer to work with leathers that have that same heavy equestrian weight and feel.

The leather we use is a lot more durable than the thin fashion leathers you see most bags made from, so the items we make seem to last a lot longer. That’s one of the reasons we offer a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee and lifetime repair policy on our own brand items.

There’s little left of the UK’s leather industry, so much so there’s only two Bridal leather makers left in the UK, and the costs of those hides generally mean we only work with it upon request, for bespoke work, etc. The majority of our leather either comes from Holland, Germany or Northern Italy.

Leather Satchel Co factory

The Leather Satchel Co. Craftsmanship at work

In 2008 you moved your workshop from Smithdown Road to Knowsley, what motivated the move?

The building in Smithdown was spread over 4 floors, so it wasn’t really ideally suited to being a maker-space, but it kept us all fit. The local tannery at Garston had been demolished around a year earlier, so any hopes of that being brought back to life had vanished. Knowsley sits on the junction of the M62/M57, has Liverpool as a local port, two international airports with Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester plus excellent high-speed rail links to London provided by Virgin Pendolino Trains.

We get such incredible support from the local business network, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Borough Council, that we’re planning on staying here for the next 50 years!

We now feel the move to Knowsley (which we consider the gateway to the Northern Powerhouse) is one of the smartest moves we made, and that was all my cousin Chris’s idea, he was the driving force behind the move.


Keith wants to open an academy so that his four master craftsmen can train young people in the skills they use.

Can you tell us a bit about the apprenticeship programme you now run?

There’s no school or college in the UK that people can attend to learn the skills we use in our business.

If we need to expand our team, we can’t simply advertise in the local paper for a saddle-stitcher or pattern cutter. The skills in our industry barely exist, and most of those people that still have them have retired or are very near retirement.

We have four master-craftsmen in our company, and I’m the youngest at 45.

We need to pass these skills on to people, to inspire people to take leatherwork as a career option. We’d love to be able to take on more apprentices but we’re just not big enough to do that at this time.

Our long term dream would be to set up an academy teaching people the skills we have and to inspire a whole generation of new leatherworkers to master their craft and eventually start their own innovative and creative leather businesses.

What is the best thing about manufacturing in the UK?

The challenge.

It’s really tough to be a UK manufacturer and brand, especially at the price point we occupy, because the there’s no margin. The majority of consumers are only prepared to spend so much money, so you have to hone your craft and get very efficient at making your product.

You’re always competing with brands that use UK branding, making themselves appear ‘Made in Britain’, but sometimes they only have a head office here and everything is overseas.

One of the many choices of leather in the collection.

One of The Leather Satchel Co.’s vast array of style options.

To find out more about The Leather Satchel Co. click here or visit them at

Womenswear designer Jo Norton takes part in our brand snapchat, sharing her thoughts on leotards, Brexit and manufacturing in the U.K.

Mille Saisons Autumn/Winter Lookbook

Mille Saisons Autumn/Winter Lookbook

Jo, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to launching a womenswear brand?

I studied fashion at Kingston University and originally had no plans for my own label but life changes and so do plans! I had some health problems and being able to work my hours around that definitely made me consider my own business.

What inspires you when you are designing your collections?

Once I began designing the first Mille Saisons’ collection, I found movement and ballet to be key influences in my inspiration which is when I decided to take up ballet again as an adult. Mille Saisons is based on designing clothing for living and movement, and several pieces have made it to a ballet class for a test run!

Mille Saisons A/W lookbook

Mille Saisons A/W lookbook

What have been the greatest challenges you have experienced and overcome in launching your own brand and running your own business?

Having confidence in myself and the brand has been difficult, especially starting out. Only having myself as a sounding board can be tough. Balancing my sleep and work with my sleep disorder has been one of my biggest personal challenges. However, I love what I do, which makes it easier to get up and get working.

You proudly use British manufacturers and source most of your materials from the UK too. Can you give a few tips to others that might be thinking of doing the same?

I always try to find UK suppliers – whether it’s boxes, fabric or factories, but I have other concerns such as the amount of water used in the dyeing process. I’m very interested in the manufacturer’s eco credentials, commitment to fair wages and fabric choice. I buy buttons, threads, labels and tissue paper from British companies because in the quantities I use it is more economical to do so. I’ve found it’s important with manufacturers to research them as much as possible. I also tend to get a sample made before I visit to see how well my spec pack is followed and how good communication is before I decide to use them.

Bows in rows

Bows in rows from Mille Saisons

Long term, what are your hopes for Mille Saisons? How would you like your brand to grow?

Just having my own label is already quite exciting. However, the Chloe playsuit is named after my little cousin who lives in Spain so I made her the playsuit in her size for a Christmas present. I think she was actually the first person to wear the collection. So a mini Mille Saisons collection for children wouldn’t be unimaginable. I’d also really love to do something with ballet wear, maybe something aimed at adult beginners. Leotards can be more intimidating when you are a bit older!

How do you feel about the UK’s decision to leave the EU, and do you believe this will be a positive thing for British brands?

On the one hand I think trading with Europe and imports may be more difficult due to the impact of the falling pound, but on the other hand we could see a growth in British suppliers and factories. The weaker pound is already attracting more retail sales from abroad. If leaving the EU means that fashion skills education grows and we’ll see an increase in skilled machinists then that would be great. I’d also like to see more support for small UK businesses.

Mille Saisons AW lookbook

Mille Saisons Autumn Winter 2016

Quickfire Questions

British personality (alive or dead) that you would most like to meet?

Any of the Royal Ballet ballerinas. I have woman crushes on Lauren Cuthbertson, Olivia Grace Cowley and Yuhui Choe.


Most-loved place in the UK?

Lewes where my studio is based. It’s a weird, lovely blend of liberal and traditional. There’s a castle, more pubs than you can visit in one night and some beautiful independent shops. The local brewery Harveys delivers with a horse and trap on Tuesdays and I’m going to visit my favourite chocolate shop, Bonne Bouche later today.

British drink that you most enjoy?

I should probably say Harveys, right? But I’m not a beer person so it has to be Babycham. I have Babycham glasses and it is impossible not to smile at the little deer logo.

Alexis Dove Lion Pendant

Alexis Dove Lion Pendant

Favourite British-made brand?

I’m probably biased because they are based in the studio next to me, but I love Alexis Dove jewellery. I wear my lion pendant everyday because I am a creature of habit!

Most inspiring British maker or manufacturer?

Charlotte Elizabeth (handbag designer) is hugely inspiring as a brand. Her honesty and openness about her health is really refreshing and I’m working on trying to be that open too.

I’d also say my factory who do not work for profit and run loads of educational courses especially to get students learning about manufacturing and to create the next generation of skilled workers in British clothing manufacturing.

For more information about Mille Saisons click here or visit

Closing Date 8th December

Your chance to WIN this beautiful handmade Origami wallet from independent leather designers Bond & Knight.

Union Flag Origami Wallet by Bond & Knight

Union Flag Origami Wallet by Bond & Knight

Bond & Knight are offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win a handmade leather Origami wallet. The wallet is made from a single piece of folded leather, meaning no seams or stitches, which gives it a sleek design and finish.  The custom printed leather centre features a Union Jack design and soft, natural suede.

Bond & Knight are independent British leather designers specialising in handmade, bespoke leathergoods. Every wallet they produce is completely individual. Bond & Knight wallets are made using a vintage 1940’s inspired design. Every hide that they use is handpicked and they source only the highest grade, naturally tanned leather, distinguishable by the beautiful natural grain.

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous wallets all you need to do is answer this simple question:

How many pieces of leather are used to make an Origami Wallet?

Competition now closed

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WIN a Silk Twill Scarf from Zana Prints

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Closing Date 8th December

Your chance to WIN this gorgeous Lantana printed Silk Twill scarf from accessories designer Zana Prints

Silk scarf by Zana prints

The Lantana silk scarf is part of Zana Prints Premium range which is printed in Manchester

Zana Prints are offering one lucky reader the chance to WIN this beautiful Lantana scarf from their premium collection. The scarf was inspired by the glorious gardens of the Costa del Sol. The coral and orange against the green make it a stunning piece. It was designed, printed and made in Cheshire.

Zana Prints is an accessories business and has just launched its first silk scarf collection. Their premium collection is made entirely in the UK.

The scarf is 100cm by 100cm, with a hand-rolled hem and made from a beautiful silk twill.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

Where is the Lantana scarf designed and printed?

Competition now closed

To find out more about Zana Prints click here or visit

Closing date 6th December 2016

Your chance to WIN a Black Bear long Gilet from the faux fur specialists, The Throw Company.


Fur Gilet by The Throw Company

Fur Gilet by The Throw Company

The Throw Company are offering one of our lucky readers the chance to keep toasty and trendy this winter, by winning their Black Bear Faux Fur Gilet.

Established for 27 years, The Throw Company offers the world’s largest range of luxury Faux Fur products. Their vast ranges of homeware, fashion and giftware are lovingly designed and handmade in their UK studio. Every item is made in house by their superbly talented and creative machinists with the rule of quality over quantity!

The top quality Faux Furs they use are hardly distinguishable from real fur, eliminating the need to use animals for their fur. The Throw Company work closely with animal protection societies and charities and have forged strong relationships with these causes.


Keep warm in The Throw Company fashion as the contestants on Channel 4's The Jump did.

Keep warm in The Throw Company fashion as the contestants on Channel 4’s The Jump did.

The Throw Company are offering one lucky reader the chance to WIN the Black Bear Gilet, which is a long Gilet with a stand up Peter Pan collar, two pockets and two faux fur closures. The Gilet is lined in cuddle soft Velboa for extra warmth.  Black Bear is a silky faux fur, jet black in colour and many of the long fibres have a sheen which gives this faux fur a very natural look. Perfect if you are looking for a really long luxurious faux fur. The Gilet is available in size 6 to 24 and you will be in good company wearing it as any of The Throw Company furs can be spotted on the TV, Stage and in films!

Sky Atlantic show Fortitude features accessories from The Throw Company

Sky Atlantic show Fortitude features accessories from The Throw Company

For your chance to WIN the Black Bear Gilet just answer this simple question:

For how many years has The Throw Company been established?

Competition now closed

To find out more about The Throw Company click here or visit them at

Closing date 1st December 2016

Your chance to WIN a luxury Merino wool cushion from British knitwear label, Rose B. Brown

Rose B. Brown cushions

Rose B. Brown Merino wool cushions.

Rose B. Brown is a high end British knitwear label specialising in stylish, well-crafted winter accessories and unique homeware.

The highly individual collection is made up of soft, luxury Lambswool scarves, hats, gloves and mittens for both men and women. The homeware range includes throws and cushions in Merino wool, all designed and made in Britain.

Items are knitted in subtle geometric, linear patterns, distinguished by an acute use of colour. Rose uses a sophisticated palette where neutral grey tones contrast with splashes of trend conscious colours. Each piece in the collection is designed in Rose’s canal-side studio in London. Cushion covers are knitted on specialist machinery in a small family run factory in the North of England and finished to the highest quality in-house at her London studio.

Rose B. Brown cushion

Kaleidoscope cushion in emerald

Rose is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a luxury British-made Merino wool Cushion from her homeware range. This large reversible cushion is tightly knitted to create a soft, strong, felted material.

The lucky winner can choose from either the Origin or Kaleidoscope pattern in seven different colourways. The cushions are made using 100% Merino Lambs wool yarn, spun and dyed in the U.K.

Duck feather or luxury anti-allergy polyester cushion pad is included and the cushion cover can be conveniently removed for washing.

All you have to do too be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

Rose’s London studio sits beside what kind of waterway?

Competition now closed

To find our more about Rose B. Brown click here or visit 

Closing date 11th November 2016

Your chance to WIN this 100% cotton-piqué,  made in England classic polo by Meccanica Menswear


Meccanica believe in British quality, design, heritage & style and their clothing reflects this. Based in Alderley Edge Cheshire, Meccanica make classic British clothing with a contemporary twist. Born out of a cycle and motorsport heritage their classics are inspired by the individuality, speed, style and beauty of anything with two wheels or four. They fuse a passion for British engineering with Italian design; their aim is to celebrate both nations’ rich cycling and motor racing heritages.

Menswear blogger The Grey Fox and Olympic cyclist Jason Kenny OBE are already fans, and we are sure once you get your hands on this polo top you will be too!

Jason Kenny wearing Meccanica

Jason Kenny wearing Meccanica

Meccanica are offering one of our lucky readers the chance to WIN the classic polo in grey, with a choice of size ranging from small to XXXXL.

For your chance to win just answer this simple question:

Which Olympic cyclist is a fan of Meccanica’s classic polo top?

Competition now closed

For more information about Meccanica click here or visit them at Meccanica




Closing Date 11th November

Your chance to WIN a vintage wall-mounted bottle opener by Yester Home.


Vintage wall mounted bottle opener by Yester Home

Yester Home is an inspirational shop which specialises in ornate traditional and vintage products for your home. You can find a wide variety of British-made items, from beautiful coat hooks to Victorian door furniture.

All of the products from Yester Home are manufactured in the U.K. and they use British foundries to produce their products in cast iron, brass, bronze and aluminium. Finishing is also completed by hand by local tradesmen such as metalworkers and polishers.

Yester Home are offering you the chance to give their home some unique style with one of their solid cast iron wall mounted bottle openers, cast from original Antique bottle opener patterns.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is answer this simple question:

What material is the bottle opener made from?

Competition now closed

For more information about Yester Home click here or visit them at Yester Home.

There’s never been a better time for British-made brands to sell into China.


Enterprise Nation’s small business trade mission to Hong Kong & China is the final International mission of 2016 and is particularly relevant to Made in Britain brands.

China is home to 1.2 billion customers. There are 1 million weddings each year and 55,000 babies born every day. These are just three of the statistics that highlight the size and opportunity presented by the Chinese market. The Enterprise Nation’s Go Global trade mission next month offers you the chance to visit the country, meet customers, and do deals.

By 2020, China’s consumer economy is expected to expand by about half, to $6.5 trillion. A good slice of this spend will go on products and services from overseas. During the Enterprise Nation trade mission to Shanghai in October 2015, they saw first hand how the Chinese consumer likes to Buy British.

Chinese consumers are going online and buying on a more global basis with cross-border purchases projected to account for 15% of total e-commerce by 2020. It’s for these reasons that Enterprise Nation’s final trade mission of 2016 is to Hong Kong and China. The country has a growing middle class population, with money to spend, and consumers are going online to spend it. The five day mission coincides with Singles’ Day – a day where Chinese shoppers buy for themselves and each other. In 2015, over £9billion worth of sales were made in one day. In 2016, you could be there to watch it happen in live time!

At a time when we are seeing more appetite than ever from U.K. consumers to buy British, it seems the world is our oyster. If you are a British Brand looking to tap into the Chinese market, or at least explore the possibilities, then perhaps you should consider taking part in the Enterprise Nation mission. If you are interested click here more information.


Your chance to WIN this fabulous children’s Baking Smock from British brand Ticklish Kids.

bbd-comp-pic-ticklishA Rutland-based fashion designer has launched a range of children’s smocks and aprons to encourage families to get together and make mess without stress.

Karen Tickle, who lives in Ashwell, has designed the Ticklish Kids range with art, baking, gardening and messy play in mind. Karen, who is mum to seven-year-old Finley, said:

“We all know kids love making a mess but as a parent, I know it’s not so much fun for us when their clothes are caught in the crossfire. There are a lot of functional cover-up products on the market but I struggled to find anything that looked good. Ticklish Kids aims to strike the balance between style and practicality.”

Karen has offered one of our lucky readers the chance to WIN a junior baker smock as part of our Buy British Day celebrations. This is the ideal prize for anyone with a budding British Bake off star!

For your chance to WIN just answer this simple question:

What’s the name of the seven year old who inspired this fabulous brand?

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Your chance to WIN an organic mini spa set from award winning brand Conscious Skincare as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.


At Conscious Skincare their award winning range of organic skincare products are hand made to the highest quality.

All ingredients serve a useful purpose, and their range is natural and organic. Items include beautiful gifts and luxurious skincare for both men and women, with specialised items for Hotel and Spa use. Fully compliant with EU regulations with no animal testing of any description.

To help us celebrate Buy British Day the lovely people at Conscious Skincare are offering one of our readers the chance to win this fabulous mini spa set which contains a collection of their favourite products presented in a beautiful Organic, Fairtrade cotton bag. The set includes body wash and polish, bath soak, body butter, lotion and oil. Everything you need to a complete at home pamper!

The Body Wash and Lotion are presented in the zingy, uplifting blend of Grapefruit, Lemon and Cedarwood. This is a delightful fragrance, combining the freshness and skin toning properties of Lemon essential oil with the underlying calming and woody notes of Cedarwood.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

Which citrus fruit is used for it’s skin toning properties?

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Your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to the Make it British October Forum as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.

Make it British Forum

The first Make it British Forum – ‘How to Develop a Made in Britain Brand’, will be held in association with the UK Fashion and Textile Association on 26 October 2016 at De Montfort University as part of the Leicester Business Festival.

Leicester is a region of the country traditionally known for textile manufacturing, and to have the opportunity to be the first public event to be held in this new art and design faculty at De Montfort University is amazing.

The one day conference will provide designers and business owners with the knowledge and tools required to successfully develop a ‘Made in Britain’ brand. 

The Make it British Forum will offer a step-by-step guide on how to build a great British brand, covering all aspects of design, branding, manufacturing and marketing.  Designers, buyers, fashion students and UK manufacturers will have the opportunity to forge links with one another and fill the gap on ‘how to source in the UK’.

As part of our Buy British Day celebrations we are offering you the chance to WIN a pair of tickets for the event.

All you need to do to be in with a chance to WIN is answer this simple question:

Which university is hosting the forum?

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Click here for more information about the Make it British Forum.

New homewares brand Romor Designs is offering you the chance to WIN this rather snazzy indigo dyed blue and white Shibori lampshade.


Shibori is the Japanese craft of stitched, bound and clamped resist and dates back over 500 years to the Edo period in Japan, where it was traditionally used to decorate kimonos.

Created using the ancient art of kikko folding and stitching and then dyed using Mayan indigo five times this lampshade is bang on trend for 2017 where blue is very much going to be the colour in our homes.

Shibori and indigo dyeing are slow crafts often requiring many hours of stitching followed by a similar length of time at the indigo vat to get just the right shade of blue. Because of the processes and dyes involved every piece is unique.

Romor Designs is based in Muswell Hill, North London and creates unique and contemporary Shibori lampshades and other homewares using indigo and natural dyes.

For your chance to win this stylish indigo shibori lampshade just answer this simple question:

In which country did Shibori originate?

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To find out more about Romor Designs click here or visit them at Romor Designs

Your chance to WIN this beautiful Tudor Oak  Torchiere table, finished in antique grey colour as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.


Established in 1969, Tudor Oak are one of the leading makers of fine English Oak classic & contemporary furniture and bespoke flooring, doors, windows and other joinery. All products are hand-made in the company’s workshops in Boughton Monchelsea, near Maidstone, from sustainable timber, using many traditional methods and the company’s unique polishing process. A famous quote by Neil LaBute goes: “We live in a disposable society. It’s easier to throw things out than to fix them… “ What Tudor Oak are offering is more and more difficult to find these days – lasting quality, individual approach, personal service. As part of our Buy British Day celebrations they are offering one lucky reader the chance to WIN this torchiere table finished in antique grey colour. The colour is applied as stain, rather than painted on, so the grain and the patina of the oak are seen through.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

What year were Tudor Oak established?

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The Personal Barber are offering you the chance to WIN this fabulous shaving kit as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.


The Personal Barber specialises in premium, bespoke grooming kits for the quality savvy gentleman. Focusing on the benefits of using a single blade, their kits are designed to get you enjoying your daily routine by introducing exciting new brands, scents and unusual products. Their monthly subscription service was recently named one of the “8 best subscription boxes for men” by The Independent and they have been featured in numerous publications such as GQ, Men’s Health, Attitude and more.

To help us celebrate Buy British Day The Personal Barber have offered one lucky reader the chance to WI this complete shaving kit. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

What type of blade does the kit benefit from?

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For more information about The Personal Barber click here or visit them at The Personal Barber


Your chance to WIN three months worth of GROWME shampoo and conditioner from Watermans as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.


Watermans is a UK family business run by hubby and wife team who invented the  GROWME shampoo and conditioner. Watermans sell more shampoo and conditioner than any other brands on Amazon. Watermans have been the number one best-selling shampoo for the past two years and the number one best-selling hair loss product.

Watermans are offering one lucky reader the chance to try this amazing product themselves and win a three month supply of shampoo and conditioner. That’s three bottles of each product!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this simple question:

What is the name of Watermans best selling shampoo and conditioner?

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For more information about Watermans click here or visit them at Watermans

Your chance to WIN a fabulous Pet Mirror in your choice of colour and breed as part of our Buy British Day celebrations.

Pet Mirrors are a small family run business based in Leeds. With 32 years of experience of working in the plastics industry. Pet Mirrors, a part of  Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd, was successfully launched one year ago.

They started out by creating mirrors, but are constantly adding new items and offer a range of items in the image of your favourite pet.

As part of our Buy British Day celebrations they are offering one lucky reader the chance to WIN an extra large mirror in the breed and colour of your choice (cats, rabbits and horses included as well as dogs!). The mirrors can be made in your choice of silver, gold, pink, blue, green, red and purple.

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is answer this simple question:

Where in the UK are Pet Mirrors based?

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To find out more about Pet Mirrors click here or visit them at Pet Mirrors

Your chance to WIN a personalised cake tin from Jonny’s Sister as part of our Buy British Day Celebrations.


Jonny’s Sister is the home of the British made, personalised gift for adults, children and the home. From their award winning letter shaped cushions to their ever popular personalised enamel ware there is definitely something for everyone.

Jonny’s Sister was started by Jane Field….…yes, you have guessed, she is Jonny’s Sister.

They have seamstresses, artists, carpenters, sign writers and many other talented and creative people working with them at their studio on the Dorset/Somerset border. This means that they can design and produce bespoke items that are neither eye wateringly expensive nor take months to make.

As part of our Buy British Day celebrations Jonny’s Sister are offering you the chance to WIN your own personalised cake tin which is hand finished in their Somerset studio. You can choose your personal message and the font, perfect for any budding Mary Berry!

For your chance to WIN just answer this simple question:

Where in the U.K. is the Jonny’s Sister studio?

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